Viktoria Zhulego

Art Garden

Nature heals our souls and does not ask for anything in return. How many beautiful, unique creatures have been created by nature! Just open your eyes and heart wider, and you can endlessly enjoy her miracles, as they are all around. 

Tiring of each other, people often seek consolation from Nature, calmness and peace. Delight and endless admiration for each of her creations – the goal of Art Garden. It was created in order to help Nature to enter people’s homes, not only to decorate it, but also to give the feeling of Nature around.


Viktoria ZhulegoIllustrator of natural objects.

Is man still a part of nature or no longer? I feel physical need in nature. It gives me the strengths to live, inspires and teaches. Green plants and bird’s voices – something I can’t really live without, as they are my treatment and escape from all the chaos of this world. They are my true values.

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Moon Shine BF - Viktoria Zhulego

The True Value

Try to count the number of things you own (gadgets, clothes, bags, tablecloths, all the kitchen stuff, papers, different small items you forgot about a long time ago). Now imagine that tomorrow you urgently need to go somewhere far away and forever. Will you take a lot with you? What if you will need to pay $10 for each item you take with you? What percentage of belongings we own do we really need?

Asking these questions, I became literally obsessed with the idea of cleansing my life of everything unnecessary and meaningless, from things to information. Just imagine that you always know exactly where to find the right thing, and there is always some leftover space in the shelves and cabinets.