Blue Macaw


A lot of bird species are now endangered, as well as amazing hyacinth macaw. These birds are beautiful, smart, friendly, curious and they create a couple for the whole life, care about their partners. These are birds and they are born to be free. Thinking a lot about them I’ve realised that the best thing we can do for them – keep the distance: look at them, feed them (if they ask), but never make them our slaves, living in the cages. Pet trade is one of the main reasons why they may disappear from our planet. 

This painting won a third place of the Contemporary Art Gallery Online exhibition “All animal” 2021.


Watercolor on paper.

The original is available in the size A3 (30x40cm).
The price of the original is 150$ USD.
Prints size A4 (21x30cm) can be created on request on the fine art paper. The cost of the art print is 15$.

Delivery and frames are not included!!!

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